We buy from individuals whether it's one piece or an entire wardrobe.
Don't throw nostalgic items away, let us give them a good second home.

What We Buy

We specialize in Men's and Women's clothing, jewelry and accessories from the 1910's through the 1970s. 

Items we are looking for include:  

  • Cocktail dresses, day dresses, separates, lingerie, bathing suits. 
  • Women's accessories: Purses, scarves, hankies, unusual hats, shoes and boots. 
  • Women's jewelry: rhinestones, older plastics, sterling silver, Native American silver, jewelry sets, lockets. 
  • Men's and Women's all weather coats and sweaters.
  • Vintage denim including bellbottoms and jackets. 
  • Men's sharkskin suits, three piece suits, dinner jackets, unusual robes and smoking jackets, casual shirts including 70's disco, 60's hippie, 50's and older Gabardine, Hawaiian, Western and Bowling shirts. 
  • Casual pants and shorts, 60's and older workwear. 
  • Men's accessories: hats, suspenders, skinny ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, shoes and boots.

When We Buy

No appointment is necessary but, please call or email ahead (24 hours is best) to make sure a buyer is in. 

  • Clothing need not be cleaned or repaired, we buy your items as they are.  
  • We restore with care and over 30 years of knowledge. 
  • There is a loading zone in the alley right by our front door for you to park. 
  • We write you a check on the spot. 
  • In some cases, we can make house calls! 


Please feel free to call or email us with any questions. We hope to hear from you! 

Phone: 804-358-1311 

Email : halcyonvintageclothing@gmail.com